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PIR Light Install

Do you want to save money and time??

We install PIR (Passive Infra-Red Detectors) in the home. Doing this will not only save you money but it can provide a hassle free life.

How many times have you left a light on all night to wake up in the morning and think how much energy you have wasted.

Installing a PIR in certain places like the toilet, stairs/landing, front porch light you no longer have to worry about turning the lights off/on. The lights automatically detect your presence and turn on when yuo near and off (or for a pre-determined time that can be set from 5secs to 15mins) when you leave.

Imagine walking in the house with large bags of shopping or tools and you dont have to mess around with the light switch as the lights come on by themselves. Having one on your porch means that you dont need to have the light on all the time, the light comes on as someone approaches and is a deterrent for would be burglars and pleasent for friends and family.

The PIR can be over-ridden with the light switch if you need it to be on extra long for some reason - so its win win win!!

Call us and see how we can install them in your house saving you money and time.

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