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We also offer a P.A.T. (Portable Appliance Testing) service. This is mandatory in some places of work and for insurance claims / companies. We test ALL your Portable Appliances for defects on the plug or wires, fuses and usability. We provide certificates and labels for ALL appliances tested with a re-test date (dependant on the item, item location and frequency of use, ie a Hand Drill on a construction site has to be checked more frequently than a kettle in an office). We will fix minor repairs where neccessary and replace the fuses with no extra charge.

All we charge is 2 (1.90 if over 100 item, 1.75 500+ items and 1.60 for 1000+ items) per item flat. We do do a minimum call out of 40 which includes 20 items to be checked / fixed (including fuse / plug and minor fixes).
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